CushCore - Rewolucyjny system amortyzacji wewnątrz opon rowerowych


Thomas Vanderham on CushCore

Raw 100 challenges filmmakers & riders to produce 100 seconds of real-time footage & natural audio into one edit … the perfect format to highlight the look, sound, & feel of riding CushCore.

Enduro World Series

Team Specialized

  • Jared Graves
  • Curtis Keene

Team Yeti

  • Jubal Davis
  • Ritchie Rude

Rocky Mountain Enduro Team

  • Remi Gauvin
  • Jesse Melamed

Team Bergamont

  • Eddy Masters
  • Morgan Charre
  • Patrick Butler
  • Reece Wilson


The CushCore worked awesome for racing…. Being able to run some super fast almost XC tires for the DH without worrying about stability or flatting was awesome!

— Jared Graves, Team Specialized

Uci World Cup Downhill

Team Specialized Gravity

  • Loic Bruni
  • Finn Iles
  • Miranda Miller

Team Canyon Factory DH

  • Troy Brosnan
  • Ruaridh Cunningham
  • Mark Wallace

Commencal DH

  • Myriam Nicole

Team GT DH

  • Martin Maes
  • Anneke Beerten

Team Scott-Velosolutions

  • Brendan Fairclough
  • Gaetan Vige

Team Bergamont

  • Eddy Masters
  • Reece Wilson
  • Morgane Charre
  • Patrick Butler